Section C, A3 and Coda (and Plan D)

I’m finally done! Section C is completed, and with that, A3 as well, since all the A’s are the same. The coda is very simple, since I don’t quite know how to write a coda. My coda is simply a higher tonic chord followed by a lower tonic chord. Other than that, I don’t have much to say about the piece itself, you can refer to the image below. I have also added rehearsal marks so that you can understand what is going on.

I also have some new plans going forward. Seeing that I only have 3 weeks left, I’ve come up with Plan D. I will simply edit this piece with professional help instead of writing a new one. In the last week or so, I will start to learn how to perform this piece. I will keep you up to date whether or not I will do it in person or record a video. Right now I still don’t know, I think I will decide next week.

Section B and A2

I’m now done half of the rondo, but the worst is yet to come. Section C will be the hardest section I will have to do. Nevertheless, my work is still coming out well, picture posted below. Next week I will be contacting a professional. Other than that, I don’t think that this new goal is that ambitious any more.

Anyway, the two sections below are written similarily to how I planned it. Although I had wanted to write in 3/8, it was too complicated. I decided that 4/4 in D major would work well too. Of course, the A and A2 sections are both written in the tonic, D major. B section is written in the dominant key of A major, and C section will be written in the relative minor, B minor. Hopefully this information helps you track my progress and understand what is going on in the piece.

Section A

I’m now done section A of my Rondo in D Major, but the screenshot button won’t work, so I’ll have to take a look at that. However, upon realizing that February 21st is coming up fast, I might have to call in a professional after finishing Rondo in D Major. I have also realized that my original plan of one piece a week was way to ambitious, since writing music takes time. I think that with a good amount of focus, I can get 2 songs down by the middle of February.

Plan C – Part 2

I have decided. I will compose, and I will postpone the professional until mid January. I will likely write in Rondo form, hopefully one piece a week. I will begin tommorow.

I have researched Rondo form for about half a year by now. I think I will write in Second Rondo Form, since it is the easiest form that is not confused with Ternary form. Many famous Rondos are also written in Second Rondo, which makes it easier to use these songs as inspiration. I also managed to find a chart online with the keys I will need for the project, so with everything all found out, I can rest assured that I will be able to do this for the next 5 weeks. I hope that I can find a professional in the time though, it will be hard.

Plan C

Ruby and I can no longer work together. I’ve asked her to bring a tuned cello with her bow several times, and she has failed to do it. I don’t blame her for not bringing her cello due to the cold weather and the possibility of it breaking, but I think that I would do better by myself.

However, ideas are hard to come by, and I have much experience playing my instrument and composing/arranging music, so I have yet to come up with an idea. I will brainstorm over the week and write again next week.

More Practice

Since Ruby didn’t bring her cello bow, we were unable to record a video, but we managed to get some practice done. Other than that, nothing new today. We did find out about some 16th notes in the 3rd and 4th pages, might be interesting.

Plan B

Farewell, Rachel. We lost a violin. On the bright side, however, Rachel was the only one in our group to have experience playing with other instruments. Now we plan on simply playing a duet together instead of writing a whole new piece. I had made progress on the piece, but with this change of plans, we might as well scrap that.

My Plan

It’s time to begin! I’ve decided to write 3 songs together with my partners. The first will be in Rondo form, a simpler form to get into the gist of things, likely in C Major or D Major. The next will be in Sonata form, still only one movement but in G Major. Finally we’ll have one in F Major with 3 movements. We will hopefully perform all of them together and showcase them on our blogs. Now, time to have some fun!